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Our Mission

To represent brands that reflect our core values.

Maloja Summer 2023 MTB 00860.jpg

We live and breathe the brands that we represent.


Led by Yves Piette, YP Sports Marketing is an extension of who we are: Skiers, Cyclists, Runners, and lovers of the ocean. The mountains and the water that flows from them is intrinsically linked to our DNA.


When we say "a curated selection of brands that embody our core values" we mean it.

Our agency is committed to selling only products and brands that we would buy and use ourselves.


We're happy to be working with distributors and manufacturers who are not only in it for the long game, but who also espouse our commitment to excellence in product design.


We seek out companies who are not only fun to work with, but invested in the end user's experience... because we are the end user.

We simply don't represent companies unless we believe in them.

That's why we do what we do.

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