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The Very Best Brands

YP Sports Marketing: Representing Saucony, Maloja, Bonnetier, Kästle, Way Funky, and other premium brands. 

Our Passion for Sports

At YP Sports Marketing, we live and breathe sports. Our team of experts are dedicated to representing the best sports brands in the industry, and helping businesses like yours succeed. We strive to provide unparalleled service and expertise to everyone we work with.

Premium Brands

Proudly representing premium, coveted brands such as SAUCONY performance footwear, MALOJA apparel, KÄSTLE performance ski equipment, BONNETIER sportswear,  FUNKITA / FUNKY TRUNKS swimwear,  and more!

Premium Retailers

Working with the best retailers in the business providing them with industry-leading service and support.

The soul of the mountains to the vibes of the Pacific

We live and breathe the brands that we represent. A curated selection of the best that the industry has to offer. Brands that share our core values, brands that embody our commitment to profitable, ethical retail, brands that are commited to the end user, brands that are dynamic, exciting and that inspire. Brands like Kästle, Maloja, Saucony, Funkita / Fumky Trunks and Tiki Towel.


The idea of ​​founding an outdoor brand and calling it Maloja came about on a perfect winter’s day in the Engadin mountains. These unforgettable and beautiful memories have made Maloja the brand it is today.

Maloja soon became a coined phrase in our circle of friends, the equivalent of anything heartfelt, true and beautiful.  It seemed only right to name the brand Maloja. For us life is simply “Maloja“


Funky Trunks for the gents, and Funkita for the ladies who demand performance swimwear, who also have a lighter side.

Both are committed to providing athletes with products that will get you through the hardest session. For every moment of exhilaration, there are thousands of laps, turns, starts, jumps and steps to get there. In every product we make a commitment to maximise the quality of our inputs while maintaining the most affordable price.


WoodsCan Industries

WoodsCan Industries Inc., based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, manufactures the finest rechargeable electric air horns in the world.

WoodsCan’s value proposition is based on the improved performance, safety and reliability of our air horns vs. buying disposable compressed gas air horn refills. Being rechargeable allows for the recovery of the initial cost within a few weeks of purchase, with even greater savings thereafter.


1898 is where it all began. Since then, Saucony has become one of the world's leading running brands. Built on a legacy of performance, Saucony continues to offer best-in-class running shoes, running apparel, and timeless retro footwear that has helped shape and guide Saucony.



Since 2013, Bonnetier has been manufacturing high-performance outdoor sportswear. Still made in Canada and inspired by Quebec culture, our collection is designed to last and accompany you on all your adventures.

We are proud of our craftsmanship, our commitment to the environment and our passion for nature.


Born in 1924 with a rich history of innovation focused on delivering cutting-edge performance products for individuals who are dedicated to winter sports and mountain biking, Kästle, a company that originated in Austria and is known for its innovation, its love for technology, and a pioneering spirit that has remained unbroken since its inception.


Dedicated to creating products that embody performance, quality, and durability. Kästle aims to cater to passionate winter sports enthusiasts who share their belief in pushing boundaries and embracing a limitless approach to ski technology.


Purveyors of the
finest sports and lifestlye brands.

From exciting performance ski equipment from KÄSTLE to the finest outerwear from MALOJA, to the best footwear on the planet from SAUCONY... to exciting, vibrant and performance-oriented swimwear from FUNKITA and FUNKY TRUNKS.


YP Sports Marketing aligns itself with solid partners to help specialty retailers succeed and thrive. Brands that we use personally and that we feel great about endorsing. 


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